aDDLib releases “99% of My Fans Wear High Heels” EP


aDDLib’s music is influenced by his own life experiences as well as the truths of today’s society and how it relates to our generation. A few artists have proven themselves as role models to many other artists in the industry today. Artists such as 2Pac and Jay-Z are two examples of people who have influenced the flow of this young artist. These rapper’s inspiration and drive to influence the world through music pushed aDDLib to make such music that would encourage thinking among our youth and promote awareness of history and culture among our generation.

aDDLib actually released this EP in December as a way to hold his fans over until his new LP comes out. Read a little bit on what the Oklahoma emcee has to say about the project and then go download it for free!

99% of My Fans Wear High Heels is a collection of songs dedicated to relationships. The reason I chose this title is because it seems that mainly women gravitate to the songs I do about love/relationships but I believe both sexes can relate to the topics I speak on. This Ep is a prelude to the full length project titled “It’s The Thought That Counts” which is due to be released Spring 2012. Thanks for listening and for the support. –aDDLib


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