Catching up with MizLogik


> First off, who is MizLogik?

My birth name is Mike Montoya born 1981 Denver Co… I’m just an average guy with an extraordinary Gift… A follower if My lord and savior Jesus Christ. A husband to my beautiful wife Sonja and a father to 4 beautiful girls. Not to mention I RAP!!!

> What was your first encounter with hip-hop and what made you want to rhyme?

Well growing up my older sister was into rap music and i guess it was thru her that started developing a love for it. I started listening to various types of music and instantly feel in love with east coast music. I think what made me want to rhyme was i liked the word patterns and rhymes and i want to be apart of it…

> Who were some of your influences growing up? Who are some of your influences right now?

Like i said my sister jump started my love for music but when i first herd that wu tang clan 36 chambers it blew my mind and i was hooked… over time i was more interested in Nas and found blackstarr soon to come but yeah the dude i like the most was Nas then Kweli for sure…

> So, what’s it like balancing your faith in music?

Its not so much that i have to balance my faith in music. My faith is apart of me and so i try to display that in my music…

> What is the biggest obstacle youve overcame being an emcee of christian faith?

None at this time. Its just up to me to trust in God and continue to move forward no matter what obstacles i might face…

> Your first real project was the Soulfficial “Forever is Ours” mixtape…how did that come about? What was your goal by putting it out?

Me and my Dude Cyse just came in to it through the church network and Soulfficial was born… I think the oppertunity came about for us to do a mixtape and we banged it out. The goal is always to reach people with Gospel by witnessing to the greatness of our Lord thru our music.

> What are you working on now? When can we expect some new MizLogik music?

Im currently working on my first LP with Ignite Music Group and it will be out when its done!! Lol! na Hopefully in Gods will this spring/summer…

> Who are some of the artists you would like to work with in the future?

Well of the top?! cats like Braille, S.O. Playdough, Theory Hazit and the list goes on and on! There are so many talented people i would enjoy working with and continue to work with…

> Not many people know, you also produce….why do you keep that sort of secretive? And can we expect to hear any emcees on your production anytime soon?

Well for me its a work in progress. I like to produce but i love to write rhymes a tad bit more. As far as anybody on any of my tracks, well you’ll just have to wait and see… ha.

> When people hear your music, what should they expect? What do you hope they get out of it?

Well i hope to be a light for someone in the dark. I want to create in ways to inspire people to see how great is our God. Mend broken branches and show people the only way to true freedom.

> Any last words??

Yeah i like to thank the most high for the many blessings he has giving me, My wife for always supporting me, My man Mario for his continued effort in working with me and all my boys of course Cyse!! Binox the list is endless. Praise God and be Blessed! And a special thanks to LastLyricist for the oppertunity to get my voice herd!


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