Sean Little “VS” Last Lyricists


As Sean Little prepares to release his brand new album “VS”, we caught up with him for a little one on one.

So first of, for the people that don’t know…who is Sean Little?

I’m an independent emcee, husband, student, teacher, & a host of other things irrelevant to this interview 🙂 If you’re interested in Sean Little, check my blog at
You made a very dope collaborative album with Wonder Brown last  year. How did you meet Brown and how did you guys decide to do a whole album together?
Well thank you for your kind words regarding a love aPhiliated, I really enjoy that album as well. Wonder & I met through mutual friends in Cincinnati, OH several years ago. As our acquaintance became friendship, Wonder approached me about doing an album together. Our friendship grew deeper through the following seasons & a love aPhilaited is the result.
As a side note: I have a lot of friends who rap. I’m not saying this because Wonder Brown is my friend. Wonder Brown is one of the illest emcee’s I have ever known & possibly one of the illest emcee’s I will ever have the pleasure of working with. If you haven’t heard Wonder Brown’s raps, stop reading this interview, forget about Sean Little, & go Google Wonder Brown.
Now to what this interview is really about. You have a brand new album coming out March 6th and it is titled “VS”. What is this album about?
VS is about me, my humanity & my hope. A collection of my thoughts & experiences.
How did you come up with the name “VS” for the album?
My wife & I would listen to early renditions of the album, which, for a long time, didn’t have a title. So, she started calling it the Vintage album (referring to Vintage, the album’s producer). As I approached a creative conclusion & considered an album title, I contemplated including Vintage’s name, but decided against it because the word vintage is too packed with meaning. Folks here that word & think of a myriad of things, that have nothing to do with the feel, heart, or intention of VS. I arrived at VS because of it’s simplicity & significance. I encourage you to consider the album to arrive at why the album is named VS.
You mentioned the album is entirely produced by one man, and that one man is Vintage. A lot of people got their real first experience of hearing Vintage one Theory Hazit’s “Lord Fire”. How did you guys hook up?
Theory actually connected me with Vintage, years ago. I’m talking a couple/few years before Lord Fire was released. On the strength of Theory’s connection, Vin & I began communicating & eventually, working together. My a love aPhiliated album was the first complete project that I did with Vintage. VS is the second.
What can the listeners expect from hearing “VS”?
Honest, authentic, excellent emceeing.
What is your personal favorite song? Why?
Phew. What an intense question. It’s challenging to separate a song from the body of work it’s included in. And, it’s challenging to choose only one. So, how about three? Sunshine, I Do, & Moment. Why? Because I said so, that’s why! Now go to your room. To answer the question, I feel like I captured something unique, vulnerable, authentic, & excellent in each of them.
I had known about this album for a little while (because you had mentioned it to me) but other than that, you were very secretive about the whole process. Most people tweet or post about what they have been working on, but not you. Why were you so secretive?
Secrecy wasn’t the motive. I just didn’t want to talk about it for months on end. So, when the pieces were in position, I announced it. Less than three weeks will pass from the day I announced it, to the day I that I release it & I like that there doesn’t have to be too much talking before people can experience VS for themselves.
You are touring for this album, where can people try and catch you on tour?
I’ll be touring throughout 2012 to promote & perform VS. The Spring leg of tour kicks off Friday March 2 and in 9 days I’ll play at least 7 shows. Throughout the Spring I’ll play nearly two dozen regional shows. Between the end of Spring and the beginning of Summer, I’ll most likely head to Europe for a 10-14 day tour, which I’m absolutely thrilled about. In the Summer, I hope to tour on the East & West coast. But, I go where I’m wanted, so if you want me in your town, you can book me at
Where can people buy or download the album?
All of my music & merch can be purchased through my website ( In addition, my albums can be found on iTunes and
What is next for Sean Little after “VS”?
More of the same: life, marriage, school, work, & music 🙂
Any final thoughts?
I appreciate anyone giving me the time of day. I hope that I’m an encouragement & refinement. If you dig my work, please purchase it.

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