DJ Clutch x Last Lyricists

I’ve known DJ Clutch for a minute and the homey has mad talent and worked with a slew of dope emcees, his catalog continues to grow and I’m pretty sure the homey is my age. So we decided to do y’all a favor and collaborate. If you buy a beat from DJ Clutch and tell him Last Lyricists sent you, he’ll give you another one for free! There’s no reason to sleep on this and just to prove it to you, Clutch cooked up a little beat tape for you just to so you know how dope he is. I’ll let him introduce himself a little further.

Beatmaker/producer Clutch has been creating beats since grade 6 in Altona, Manitoba, Canada. He treads the earth of Hamilton, ON now and since his humble beginnings has went on to work with the likes of Sev Statik, Sintax.the.terrific, Sivion, Freddie Bruno, Ill Seer, Fresh IE, reSEARCH, Cas Metah, Wonder Brown, Paradox, Ruffian, NomiS, Afaar, and a grip of other great artists.
He participated in beats and rhymes to Cram 7 with the Cram Session collective.
Along side The Runaway, Crisis, & Qu-C he is a part of the Custodians.
He’s obsessed with drum breaks, vinyl, and delayed synth sounds. The average day ends with 3 new beats, though it’s not uncommon to find 5 hitting the shared dropbox folders. Many for top secret projects that will only be mentioned when the hip hop community really needs a lift in spirit.
Clutch and Last Lyricists would like to offer a deal to all those who skimmed through that mess of promotion:
Buy one get one free with a mention that the Last Lyricists sent you.

Make sure you hit him up, but as a test drive, download the beat tape.



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