Retro Review: Sintax.The.Terrific “Simple Moves”

Sintax maybe part of the talented group DeepSpace5, but it seems (at least in my eyes) Sintax sometimes gets lost in the shuffle of the talent of the other group members. In 2004 Sintax released his first solo album Simple Moves and let me tell you he definitely separated himself from some of the other members of the group (and this is in a good way). Sintax comes with strong messages in most of his, but he also knows how to take a step back and make the listener laugh a bit at what he’s rhyming about. Sintax’s debut albums is one that even if you’re not a Christian Hip Hop fan, it’s still a release worth getting.

The first thing worth mentioning is the superb production behind the album, while I have no idea who produced the album the production sounds like DJ Dust’s. Most of the beats have the deep bass pounding in the background. In other words a lot of the tracks on the album are headbanger tracks. The first three tracks on the album are perfect examples of the excellent production on this album.

“Shirt Sleeve” is the second track on the album and it serves as an introductory track not just for Sintax himself, but an introductory track to Sintax’s love for God. The beat has more of a nighttime feel to it and Sintax does a great job setting up the scenery for the listener to the point where the listener should be able to envision the environment Sintax is in. Lyrically Sintax puts his soul on the line and spills his guts on everything he stands for and the God he loves.

“The Way We Walk” is the first guest appearance track on the album and it features my favorite Scribbling Idiots member, Mouf Warren. Mouf and Sintax’s lyricism combines to make (at least in my opinion) one of the best guest appearance tracks I’ve ever heard. The track is just as the name states, it’s about the way we walk on a journey with Christ. Our friendship with Christ is the most important friendship we have and one that will never end regardless of what we do. The track starts with Mouf and Sintax trading 4 bars back and forth and it seems like the two have been collaborating for years. The song continues and as the two finish their verse the tempo slows down a bit and the two emcees start rapping about the importance of walking in righteousness. Though we may not know, people are watching our moves and how we react to different situations God puts us through. We represent God every time we walk of the house, at work, school, at the dinner table, wherever.

One thing I didn’t like about Simple Moves was the Interlude tracks (“Note to the Discjock” and “Tight”). They sound terrible and are actually kind of annoying, now if Dust made these I don’t know what to say because I would expect him to make something a lot better.

As stated earlier Sintax like to have fun with the raps that he writes and a two prime examples of this would be “Understudy” and “Got Beef”. “Understudy” is simply Sintax freestyling about himself in the first verse and random fantasy things (Harry Potter, Lord of Rings etc.) in the second verse. The freestyle is fun to listen to and just shows the lyricism that Sintax has. “Got Beef” is a one verse freestyle where Sintax basically bags on the members of his DeepSpace5 crew. I believe this all a joke for Sintax because if it isn’t we may never see Sintax on another DeepSpace5 album. Both freestyle tracks basically show Sintax is serious about what he believes, but he’s also willing to joke around a bit.

Another thing Sintax shows in this album is love for crew DeepSpace5 “Ad Infinitum” and “We Used To Live In An Apartment Together” are the two tracks that show his love. Ironically both tracks feature DeepSpace5 members. The apartment song features ManChild because the actually used to live in an apartment together. The song is kind of funny because the song starts with the two saying how the other was so messed up before meeting the other. The song ends on the point that the two have had their differences but still are brothers and will love each other to the end of time.

Sintax’s lyricism is shown to the extreme on this album and he covers so many topics that need to covered in this day and age. The production sound Dustesque which is a good thing and most importantly the album contains numerous guest appearances from some known Christian Hip Hop artists and some not so well known. Guest appearances include JustMe (Scribbling Idiots), SevStatik (DeepSpace5, Tunnel Rats), ManChild (DeepSpace5, Mars ILL), Bi Raw and others. This album should be picked by any hip hop fan because you will enjoy it.


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