Hip-Hop Wrap-Up 5-4-12

So this week a lot went down in hip hop, from debut singles, three dope albums dropped and more let’s recap.
Let’s start with an album that I’ve been anticipating since I graduated back in 2009. “Darke Bros” is Cas Metah and Wonder Brown and the album is super dope. It’s a dark album, but one that also provides hope to the listener. There’s excellent production from the likes of Vintage, Theory Hazit, Fab Da Ecletic and more. Vocal features come from Lyriz, Mouth Warren, Holmskillet (who kills it on this album). “Drowning Man” is the single off of the album which features Elias (of Scribbling Idiots) and Copywrite.

Also this week Apollo Brown and OC released their album on Itunes called “Trophies” I haven’t listened to the entire record yet but based on the many tracks that I’ve heard this album is the business. They dropped a single “People’s Champ” on Tuesday and you can download and peep the single below!

And we’ve been doing some promo for Muneshine and his beats, but he’s finally started his campaign for “There Is Only Today” with the release of his single “Lower Level” you can download the single (with the acapella and the instrumental) down below.

Thee Tom Hardy also released a single produced by Jaisu called “Show Me Your Hands” for a dollar you can have the banger from the Durham emcee. Get ready for his debut album “Doubting Thomas” coming soon too.


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