So, recently I was on Soundcloud checking my feed and noticed that Lee Green (Humble Beast) had favorited a couple tracks by this guy (who at the time, I was completely unfamiliar with) B.DURAZZO. Since, I really respect Lee Green as an artist, I thought I would check out what B.DURAZZO sounded like; in short, I was blown away.

“Benjamin Durazzo is a 23-year-old hip-hop producer in the Blockhead vein of hip-hop producers, who teaches middle school kids music when he’s not in front of his MPC.” – Patrick Taylor – RapReviews

After listening to his other tracks for about an hour, I decided to Google his name and see what popped up. To my pleasure, I saw that he had a Bandcamp set up AND had two free beat tapes available; Beats Vol 1 & Beats Vol 1 ½. Needless to say I downloaded those immediately, but as they were downloading I hit up YouTube as well.

“Not only was watching Ben play interesting, but the beat which he composes is pretty ill. The instrumental has a haunting quality reminiscent of RJD2′s earlier work and that classic boom-bap feel that really gets your head nodding.” – Joseph Goral – SockMonkeySound

What is this? Performing tracks from his beat tape on dual MPC’s? All DAY! Although we still have 6 months, this guy is quickly becoming one of my favorite finds this year.

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