Motel Eola x Praverb The Wyse “The Professional Hobbyist Remixes”

Praverb the Wyse released his album “The Professional Hobbyist” and since then producers have been remixing tracks to it, enter Motel Eola who has released a 5 track EP full of remixes from the Praverb project. He’s a real talented producer that I think a lot of people need to get hip to. Here’s what Motel had to say about the project.

“Professional Hobbyist: Motel Eola Remix” is the 5 track younger brother of it’s Predecessor “Professional Hobbyist EP”. Being a 19 year old producer Coming out of South East London, UK my production lays the canvas with raw soulful beats, of which Virginian mc Praverb the Wyse paints over with lyrical imagery. The concept simply to make a short, sharp and sweet remix project that still upholds the feel and cohesiveness of a great hip hop album. All tracks produced by Motel Eola, all track vocals courtesy of Praverb the Wyse with inclusion of a Don Streat feature, all Dj scratches by DJ Grazzhoppa

Production Influences vary from Oddisee’s experimental drum patterns and breaks to 9th Wonders amazing sample knowledge to Just Blaze’s epic style to J Cole & Dreamville’s variety and incorporation of different genres to sample. I simply love the genius of an instrumental. Peace.

Follow Motel Eola: @MotelEola1st


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