Listen: Conquest “Bryant’s Theme”


The homey Conquest dropped some new heat last week in anticipation of his new album “Radical Departure” this time in honor of someone who inspired his artistry and more. I’ll let Conquest fill you in.

On August 24th 2012. Tri-state based MC/songwriter/producer CONQUEST (Born Jason Andre Roberts) releases “BRYANT’S THEME: CODE OF ETHICS II”, his latest street single off his forthcoming FALL 2012 album “RADICAL DEPARTURE. August 24th 2012 will also mark the one year anniversary of the passing of BROOKLYN N.Y. based DJ & NEW YORK CHH vanguard DJ BRYANT SMITH, who Conquest’s latest single is named after & inspired by as a tribute to him. In a startling case of tragic irony, SMITH died due to heart complications while on an wedding anniversary cruise with his wife at the young age of 45. Inspired by Bryant’s most popular song “JESUS CHRIST HAS ENTERED THE BUILDING” & a conversation revealing that an earlier Conquest song “CODE OF ETHICS” was one of Bryant’s all time favorites. ‘Quest proceed to re-write parts of the original, add 28 brand new bars & re-work the chorus of Bryant’s most famed song into the new hook, hence completing the song we know today. It’s a song that celebrates staying true to the forgotten codes of ethics in hip hop and the gospel while ushering in JESUS CHRIST as the center of it all. “BRYANT’S THEME: CODE OF ETHICS II” was produced and mixed by D. STEELE: &



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