Video: Devine Carama “It Was Rewritten Teaser (Nas Tribute): “Take It In Blood”

I got a chance to meet and see Devine Carama in concert. The Kentucky emcee is getting set to release a project called “It Was Rewritten” which is a tribute to the Nas album. Devine has dropped a couple singles of the album, for now we have a little visual for you guys to peep. I’ll let Mr. Carama to fill you in on the rest.

This is a video teaser for my upcoming Nas tribute project, It Was Rewritten, slated to drop October 1st. The video features the first verse of “Take It In Blood”. In 2 weeks I’m releasing the final leak, “White Girl Lost”, before the entire tape drops next month. The video is directed by 2 Mello who is also responsible for the production of the entire project.

Follow Devine Carama on Twitter: @DevineCarama

Follow 2 Mello on Twitter: @MelloMakes

-Michael Stover (@BigSto)


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