Free Download: “Y.O.T.L (Year of the Locust)”


Shadow of the Locust is staying true to realizing dope hip-hop tracks for their fans for free and here’s the latest installment. AND it has every member on the track. I’ll let them explain. DOWNLOAD THE TRACK HERE!!!


Over at the Locust camp, we are staying true to our underground roots and are excited to drop another free song for all our devoted fans and new listeners! This track is bit more epic because we were able to get each Locust mc on the track. The Y.O.T.L (Year Of The Locust) song is our title track for our campaign to get you dope, free music each month from Shadow Of The Locust!

The song starts with a heavenly tongue and is interpreted by Dirt. It’s a call to true repentance and returning back to The Lord. From the gate, the raw rhymes are bold faced and point straight to the most important issue.

Lyrics like:

” Wondering why you can’t find God, might be the same reason a robber can’t find a cop, the same reason a rasta can’t find a barbershop, the exact same reason there’s so much pride in Hip Hop ” – Dirt

Every Locust mc brings it to the table on this! But another special moment is when Wut Metaphysical makes his first appearance in the campaign and drops that science the only way he can!

Dope quotes like:

” So how should we deal with the dangers? Jesus never skated but tray flipped money changers! ” – Wut Metaphysical

Hope ya’ll enjoy this new song and spread the word about our free music coming from this years #YearOfTheLocust campaign. We also just recently filmed a new music video for Dirt and his new upcoming 4th album. So alot of fresh stuff is on its way, were even hoping to get a guy by the name of 7lock back on a track and in the mix, ya’ll heard of him? lol. JAH Bless!

Check out all our new #YearOfTheLocust releases at

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