Coming Soon: GodzG – Joystick Override

GodzG_LogoFresh off the heals of his freshman release, The Lost Tape Chronicles, Last Lyricists DJ and beat maker GodzG (@GodzG) is at it again! This time, he is in the lab cooking up a video game themed beat tape; and, he’s calling in the big guns.

Joystick Override will feature a gaggle of beats derived from classic and obscure video game soundtracks – some you’ll recognize and some you won’t – flipped in that classic GodzG style. But, he’s not flying solo on this one! Like we said, he’s calling in the big guns and has enlisted the talents of fellow Last Lyricists, Idiomz da Prophesayer (@idiomz) in addition to Stale Dale (@dalelogan1), ChonkyBeatz (@Chonkybeatz ), S-Man and Raze Brooks (@RazeBrooks).

Look for Joystick Override by GodzG to drop in the spring of 2013 on Last Lyricists Music!

Ridiculously Phenomenal.


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