Support The Last Lyricists Kick-Off Campaign!

LLM LogoYou love ridiculously phenomenal music . . . We got it! Help us reach our goal so we can establish a foothold and deliver more ridiculously phenomenal music directly to you!

We want to get our music in the most hands as possible. We have determined that the best way to do this is by making our music available to you at little to no cost out of pocket. The challenge in this approach is that making ridiculously phenomenal music is not cheap. Therefore, in order for us to hit the ground running; and, to put us in a position to become self-sufficient in 2013, we need to raise $3500 to fund our operational budget (web admin, licensing, insurance, legal, etc.) while we concentrate on making music. With your help, we can do what we do best with the confidence of knowing that our operational expenses are taken care of! So please check out our campaign page; and, if you feel lead to do so, contribute what you can. We’ve set up some pretty dope perks; but, you have to contribute in order to take advantage of them!

Thank you in advance for your consideration and support!

~The Last Lyricists Team


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