Sto The Last


Michael Stover aka @BigSto (on Twitter) goes by Sto The Last when he decides to pick up a mic. Hailing from Twinsburg, Ohio Sto started emceeing in 2008 after realizing that emceeing was a perfect way to vent some of the things he was going through without having to talk to anyone about it. After dropping a few mixtapes (that you guys will never see the light of day of) Sto dropped the mic for a while due to not having any recording equipment. In his freshman year of college, he picked up the mic again and started to take his career seriously. A year later, the emcee dropped his first official mixtape #ThePsychWard and started to gain a bit of a buzz. He released #TheLostOnes the next year  followed by #ThePsychWard2 in December of 2012.

When listening to Sto, one should be able to relate to the true stories that he tells from his past while also trying to see the positivity that comes from going through trials and tribulations. Sto also looks to educate the listener as well with regards to the darkness that has spread through our country through certain evils. At the same time, Sto doesn’t come off as preachy. His beat selection may hover over dark; however, some of his future projects promise to have a more lighter sound while still staying true to himself as an emcee.

Sto The Last doesn’t just defend the art of hip hop, but also the art of life, love, freedom and most importantly God.



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Idiomz da Prophesayer

IdiomzThe grammatical definition for the term “idiom” reads, “. . . the language of a peculiar people; the syntactical, grammatical or structural form of artistic expression that is characteristic of a movement.” It is this definition that best embodies Idiomz da Prophesayer as both a producer and a lyricist. Influenced heavily by music all of his life, Idiomz (born Damon Curtis) has cultivated these influences into a tool by which he may effect others as he, himself once was. As a master of syntax, he manipulates beat and rhyme in such a way that he is re-defining a movement: A return to faith and the acceptance of Jesus Christ.

As 2015 starts to get under way, you can find Idiomz hard at work ministering on stage, volunteering with the youth group or participating in other opportunities to serve.  You can expect that he will continue to serve the masses, through music, with a message of faith and the acceptance of Jesus Christ. “My music ministry is a calling; but, it too has its season. I am just a vessel and my music is just a tool. Because long after I hang up my mic, I’m still going to be shouting the message of Jesus every chance I get!”

More than just an emcee . . . But also an evangelist – “Teaching us that, denying ungodliness and worldly lusts, we should live soberly, righteously, and godly, in this present world. . .” (Titus 2:12)



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