Who We Are

LLM LogoIn a hip-hop music world where real lyrics are replaced with gimmicky pop stars and club-friendly catch phrases, it looks like the hope for genuine hip-hop music is lost . . . right?


Enter The Last Lyricists – Ridiculously Phenomenal in the pursuit of quality Hip-Hop music, fashion and culture.
We are avid hip hop fans. We also are contributors to this art that we so love as emcees, DJ’s, beat makers and graphic artists. In 2012, we decided to come together for the cause of bringing real hip hop back to the forefront.

Here at Last Lyricists we just want to see good music succeed. As fans, we know what constitutes ridiculously phenomenal music. As artists, we are dedicated to preserving the art. As a label we will interact with the fans to provide a quality product that is relevant to them. We want to be a music label built by fans, for the fans and of the fans.


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