Retro Review: DeepSpace5 “Unique Just Like Everyone Else”

DeepSpace5 could possibly be the biggest hip hop group of all-time, DeepSpace5 contains seven emcees (Fred B, Sivion, Listener, ManChild, Sintaxtheterrific, Playdough and SevStatik) and three producers (Dust, Manwell and Beat Rabbi). Bring all ten of these guys together only means one thing: Greatness. Their debut album A Night We Called It Day is considered a classic in the underground hip hop, in other words if DeepSpace5 was accepted into the mainstream they would be stars. DeepSpace5 comes with more firepower in their sophomore album Unique Just Like Everyone Else adding Fred B. and Sivion to the group. Does Unique Just Like Everyone Else as good as their debut album or does the extra firepower take away from the core guys the group started with?

Now I can’t lie, this album was extremely hard to review because so many people’s heart and soul is encompassed in this album each bring something different to the people. So I apologize if this review is kind of confusing. DeepSpace5 blasts out of the gate with “Talk Music” which if I read correctly is the Listener gives to the type of music DS5 makes. The track is very energetic, “Talk Music” is one of the few tracks that have all seven emcees rap a verse in it which makes the song even better. The beat is hard to explain but it does have a western type theme with obviously the hip hop mixed in. Definitely one of the best tracks on the album.

“If I Don’t Make It” is in my opinion the most meaningful song on the album and it deals with death. Don’t worry DS5 isn’t an emo rap group they just rap about the facts and it’s only inevitable that some day all of us will die and DS5 covers the stresses of dealing with death. I’m sure most of us has had someone important die in our lives and we have to deal with it. ManChild and Listener’s verse scream the loudest (figuratively speaking), ManChild references a DJ Ox in his song who was dealing with cancer and the strongest line in his verse is “God if you see fit leave him here with me,”. The song should help people realize that God is in control of everything including death. Listener handles the mic next in the song he also brings a strong quote: “If she don’t make it God I won’t blame it on you…” which is what a lot people do. Listener’s verse should teach people that God has a purpose for that person dying whether we know it or not.

“Axe to Grind” is an interesting song mostly because I don’t really know what it’s about. The term “Axe to Grind” is metaphorical for something I just don’t know what it is. The beat to the song is interesting because I imagine gears turning when I hear “Axe to Grind”. Believe it or not the term Axe to Grind means something different to the three emcees featured on the track (SevStatik, Listener and Sintax). Though I’m still trying to figure out what the song means I still find myself drawn to the song.

If you read my “Introducing DeepSpace5” article you know Listener is my favorite group member and the track “They Say” is the track that showcases Listener with Sivion and Sintax on it. The track just shows the creative juices that Listener has, he takes everyday sayings and turns them into rap verses. With the acoustic guitar in the background along with the hip hop beat it makes yet another DeepSpace5 classic. The tracks basically says while some things “they” (they being everyone else) say are correct a lot of ideas, theories etc. are wrong and it’s up to you to decide what you want to believe in.

All in all Unique Just Like Everyone Else is another classic album that DeepSpace5 can add to their figurative belt. The album covers serious issues plus it’s evident that the crew is having a good time while making the album. Now some people ask if they have seven emcees how in the world do they share the mic evenly. My answer is this: I don’t know how they share the mic evenly, but they somehow do it. You don’t hear one emcee more than you hear the others and even though the new guys Sivion and Fred B. are new they still get their time on the record. DeepSpace5 is making a good name for themselves and will continue to do so as they make more records. Lastly check out every emcee’s solo projects!

Rating: 9/10


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